Shawn W Lamontagne

From a shy and timid 7 year old in a Church Choir in St Lucia, to a successful lead vocalist sailing the seven seas, Shawn has led a very varied life.



Born into a large and loving family on 21st November 1983, music was already running through his veins. From his Grandfather singing during Church to his Mother singing around the house, and extended family playing every instrument imaginable; he was made to perform.



Quiet and reserved Shawn began his singing career as many of the great legends do, and following in his Grandfather’s footsteps; in Church. Here at the tender age of 7 he began absorbing as much as he could musically from those around him. Beginning in the Children’s Choir and later as part of various acapella groups, choirs, and bands, each becoming well known and respected island wide and throughout the Caribbean. In the years that followed Shawn began taking his music to the next level by adding instruments such as playing the piano, drums, and guitar to his list of talents.

Life responsibilities caught up with Shawn. Music took a back seat as he held down administrative jobs. However, something was missing, those drum sticks were twitching, and Shawn decided to take the brave step in pursuing his vocation in music. He initially joined the group Equinox, transitioning into Soul, and more recently Protégé. With these bands he travelled the world entertaining guests and VIPs alike with his suave style, engaging personality, and stirring vocals on some of the biggest and best cruise ships.

Shawn is not just a singer. He is a successful songwriter, and fantastic overall performer. This entertainer is guaranteed to get any party started. His repertoire is as varied as you could imagine. He is comfortable and confident with his sweet voice singing from reggae songs to gospel hymns, from Motown classics to current pop tunes, and even throwing in some of his original works.

With his talent improving day by day and a perfectionist streak a mile wide, we can only expect bigger and better things as his journey continues.

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